Advice and information


Where to start...

Here is a good place! The internet and magazines are full of wedding inspiration. You will first want to decide on your palette and wedding theming and then use this palette to guide the rest of your wedding planning. Unsure about your palette check our Pinterest Albums for tons of inspiration.
Think about whether you like soft tones or bolder colours, whether you want a subdued classic look or a bright and festive look.
Once you have your palette you can look for attire to suit, and the rest should flow on from there, including flowers.
We do recommend being consistent with your palette throughout your wedding details for a polished look.

Palette, Check! ....Attire, Check!....

We recommend having an idea of your bridesmaids dress colours before settling on your flowers, the reason being that the colour of the bridesmaids dresses heavily sets the tone for your wedding party and the details you have such as flowers, jewellery, make up etc. We can advise you on flowers before confirming your dresses, however be prepared that our planning may go out the window if you were to select a different dress colour and its better to get it right the first time, we know how precious your planning time can be!
Once you have your dresses confirmed, get in touch! We will chat with you on the phone or via email about your thoughts so far before we meet.

Make a time to meet....

Once you have read the menu and are ready to order we can organise a consultation at the soonest convenience. These are done at the home studio in Browns Bay for Auckland, or Ngaio for Wellington, and are typically 30 minutes to 1 hour long. We will try to accommodate your preferred appointment time where possible amongst our wedding work.
The consultation and concepts cost is $50.00 which is waived from your total when you decide to book.
At our meeting we will sit down and discuss your thoughts on your wedding style so far. If you have concrete ideas that is great, and if you have no idea that is not a problem! We like to make your flowers uniquely you!
We recommend bringing along any fabric samples, colour swatches to help us provide you with the perfect concepts to suit your palette. After our meeting we will proceed in drawing you up a detailed quote along with a concept board that reflects the look we would be creating for you. It is not always possible to show you the exact design, as perhaps we are creating something very special for you, but we try to show you as much as possible what the final look would be.
The quote takes on average 1 week to draw up, depending on how busy we are at the time.

Once you have your quote.....

Take some time to read through the quote and think about if it suits your vision. Make notes and let us know if you would like any changes.
We will make revisions untill till you are happy to proceed in booking in and at that point an invoice. From there we take a 20% deposit/booking fee to hold your date for you.
We take a limited number of bookings each week and sometimes we can have 6 or 7 enquiries for the same date so it vital to book in earlier rather than later. 8-12 months for Summer weddings and 4-6 months for Winter weddings.

What next...

We wait! and we stay in touch regarding changes or updates on your requirements. We try to limit quote revisions to 3 over your planning period to stop things getting confusing for everyone, but we love it when you stay in touch and are happy to provide any advice or further information on request.
We always contact you around a months before your wedding date to check in and confirm your requirements. In fact we like to have as much as possible finalised at this time so we can go ahead and book your flowers with the growers.
We are a small industry here in NZ and there are a lot of boutique growers who only produce a small yield of each variety per year so we want to give them as much notice as possible that we want their product. The more notice the better!

Final payment is due 2 weeks before your wedding.

A little general planning advice.....

We understand that it can be overwhelming choosing your flowers. Our advice is that you follow your own personal tastes as it is your special day. There are no set rules about what you must have for flowers these days. Some couples focus on personal flowers, while others use the bulk of their budget on their venues.

Wedding Flowers truely are our Passion and we love working with Brides and Grooms to make their special days more special. Do get in touch to see how we can help you!